Friday, March 28, 2008

What we did today

1. We went to the museum.
The girls were most excited. They each picked one thing - Cailyn: a stuffed baby penguin (we just watched March f the Penguins this week), Carys: a fossill kit and Astronaut ice cream. (Yummy, if you like freeze-dried powdery neopolitan mush. I'll stick to Breyer's, thanks.)

2. We had a picnic lunch with Daddy at work.
And then a little nature walk thru the woods by his office.

3. We watched Maggie & the Ferocious Beast as Carys drifted into dreamland.
She also told me that today was her most perfect day.
And I agree. It was pretty good.

4. I changed a soggy wet diaper on a really zonked-out Cailyn, who didn't even notice I had changed her.

5. I worked.
Really, I did.


leigh said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Which museum did you go to? I'm planning a raleigh trip soon and trying to work in the museum of life and science. We went last summer when it was 156 degrees. I'm looking for something a little cooler!

amber said...

I used to love the astronaut ice cream when I was a kid. That stuff is nasty now!! So sweet about what Carys said.

Emily said...

I haven't been to a museum in ages! I had to buy that deee-licious ice cream every field trip we took. How nice to have a picnic with Daddy at work. That is a good day!

Celular said...
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