Monday, April 28, 2008

30 candles, the funk, & a kitten

The last week has been somewhat of a blur. Cailyn was very sick & I caught some kind of virus. It was loads of fun around here. We're all well now, and keeping our fingers crossed that Chad & Carys don't get any of the funk.

Ok, let's see...what's happened since my last post?

We threw Chad a SURPRISE 30th birthday party last Saturday. I was thrilled we were able to keep it a surprise - I'm sure Chad thought I was just letting his big day pass by since the party was 2 weeks after his actual birthday. But, oh no! I couldn't do that...

Thanks to all of you that came out to help us celebrate. We had a great time, and I hope you did too! He received so many nice gifts - and he's finally going skydiving! And on a hot air balloon ride! What fun!!!

The pig roast was terrific - and all the food everyone else provided was delish!

Here's my Dad & Uncle Sandy, sampling chopping up the BBQ.

The girls spent the night with Memaw & Poppi that night - we were so exhausted. I got sick that evening, so it was a good thing the girls were away to let me get a little sleep. I felt better the next day, so I went to Shannon's baby shower for baby Bradon. I can't wait to have a new baby in the family!

And as if our crazy life isn't crazy enough, we just got a kitten. The poor cat has been thru an identity crisis because Carys kept changing her name. We finally settled on Fiona - and if you have kiddos under the age of 10, you know this is Princess Fiona from Shrek. We do have enough divas in this household right now, so we dropped the Princess. It's just Fiona. Or Kitty. Or STOP SCRATCHING ME! The girls are thrilled & want to hold her constantly. I figure we can keep adding pets to our home, and the girls will slowly stop asking for a baby brother.


Nikki said...

Skydiving! Go Chad!!

Aunt Carmen said...

Way to go Chad! You are alot more adventurous than me! I hope you have a great time way up there and take some pictures for us from that Hot Air Balloon. Glad everyone is over the sickies and what a darling Fiona.I would still like to see a Baby Lanford Brother down the road!

Emily said...

That is so awesome that Chad is going to go Skydiving and ballooning, what a thrill!

From what I can see of the kitty (it's off to the side on my screen?) she looks adorable!

Chad said...

Well, apparently I'm not too adventurous because there will be no "Baby Lanford Brother" as far as I'm concerned. Ballooning and skye diving are over in a few hours but raising another child could turn in to a lifetime commitment!

Sip said...

1) like the freudian slip by chad above - "skye diving" or is it sky diving

2) why does chad have his fingers in his ears when blowing out his candles? was the girl's singing that bad?!?!?

Brandy said...

Sky diving seems to be big now. My brother just went for his birthday.

Fiona is adorable! Now she is the littlest Lanford ;)