Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Yes, we still have the kitty.
Yes, Fiona is still in one piece.
Yes, the girls like to dress her up, stroll her around & give her treats for doing nothing special.
Yes, they love her.
Yes, Cailyn is pretty darn excited!

We all went strawberry pickin' a couple of weekends ago. The girls had so much fun. Carys wants to go back, so I'm sure we'll make at least one more stop before the berry season is over this year.

Cailyn was absolutely filthy at the end of our excursion. She ate berries, smashed berries, picked berries. She was such a mess.

Chad surprised me with an evening out for Mother's Day. My mom came & watched the girls as we went to dinner (a quiet dinner with no chicken tenders, ketchup or french fries! WOO HOO!). It was wonderful!
Carys made me a special gift at preschool - a mason jar painted with her fingerprints. The fingerprints were then decorated as ladybugs, butterflies & flowers. It's precious. She couldn't wait for me to open it, so I got that gift early.
Hope all of you other Mommies out there had a wonderful Mother's Day.


Nikki said...

I just love Cailyn's berry face! Too cute!

That's a great pic of you and Chad... :)

Emily said...

Strawberry picking looks so fun. I've never seen so many strawberries in a field like that - yum!