Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally Friday

A lot has happened this week.

The McKinney household received a new member. Baby Kara is just gorgeous & I cannot wait to meet her when we visit Texas this summer.
Congratulations Kathy & Steve!!!

I finally got my pink insulin pump up & running. After a hurried morning of getting ready & dropping Carys off at school, I pulled into the parking lot of my endocrinologist's office right on time. BUT...I had to drive all the way back home to retrieve (drum roll please) the pump. I left it on the kitchen table while putting Carys' stuff together. Luckily, my mom was able to meet me half-wasyish. Geesh. Sometimes I think I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on so tight. I wasn't always so forgetful (Chad begs to differ, I'm afraid).

My grandmother was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia Tuesday morning. She will be there for a bit; and is pretty sick. I went to visit her with my mom after dinner.

Chad had his MRIs. One for his shoulder (the fall from the bed from his seizures has really bothered him for a while now), and of course one for his noggin. We have a copy of the MRI. And the tumors are still there. We're not doctors, and probably cannot successfully read the images. We should know more on Monday after Chad's oncology appointment.
He did well with his 4th round of chemo. He was tired & a little nauseous, but it was fairly uneventful -- which I'm thankful for.

Carys' last day of school for the week. She only has two school days left.
After school, we picked out some flowers for my grandmother, and I took the girls to the hospital to see her.
Carys was so excited to give Grammy the flowers. She was beaming with pride. And Grammy loved the flowers -- and the attention that my two little ones bestowed upon her.

Nothing significant as of yet. But it's still early. I've already had to scour orange crayon off the table, wall, couch & remote control. Thank heavens for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.
I've also had to save the kitty from two little blonde "doggies" chasing her around the house.
I've had to clean up a few spills. Wipe a few hineys. And give a few cuddles for imaginary boo-boos.
But so far, it's shaping up to be a good day.


Nikki said...

You've been busy! And you're going to Texas in July! Good for you!

Amanda said...

Hey Skye good luck with your pink pump :-) I am also a forgetful one. I think it's part of the mommy descripton! I hope your grandmom is felling better.