Thursday, June 12, 2008

She's just SO two!

Yesterday started off a little rocky. Cailyn woke up an absolute grump. Not a good way to start off your special day!
She refused a celebratory birthday breakfast. She didn't want her usual morning cuddle to help her wake up. And she didn't want anything to do with Mommy, Carys, Maisy or Fiona.
Luckily, she got out of her funk mid-morning and was much happier! I was starting to think I might have to tell her she's not two after all -- since those "terrible twos" aren't the easiest to deal with.

She still says she's "ONE!" when you ask her how old she is...I'm sure it will take her some time to get up to speed on that. After all, it's June of 2008, and I sometimes still write January 2007 on my checks!

We had birthday cake & ice cream twice yesterday. You know -- two times the sugar overload in honor of someone turning the big two-oh!

Later in the evening, she donned her ballerina gear and traipsed around the yard. Complete with tiara, of course.

All in all, I think she had a great day. She wouldn't allow us to sing Happy Birthday to her over & over. She covered her ears & shouted, "NO! No singing to me!"
I think we shall call this year the Year of the Diva. Fitting, eh?
But what a cute little diva she is!


Nana said...

We had a great b-day lunch with the Diva! I like the "2 years old = 2 pieces of cake". Following that reasoning, I shall eat cake daily until Thanksgiving!
Happy Birthday, Cai!

Aunt Carmen said...

Sounds like cailyn had a special Birthday. I love Maisey's new outfits. Now they can dress alike.I also like Nana's daily eat cake idea!
Happy Birthday Cailyn!

Jessi said...

Love the "diva in a tree" picture! I have to admit, I'm definitely not looking forward to doing the "2" thing again! But hey, in another year, you'll get to do the "3" thing! (which isn't a whole lot better, huh ;-) ?)

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Cai! What a cute little tree climbing princess.