Thursday, July 10, 2008

And this girls are having fun too...

I know you'll be elated to know that we did not visit Wal-Mart yesterday. And it looks as if today will be a bust, too. Which is a good thing. I'm getting over my dependency. Slowly, but surely.

Yesterday was a lot of fun, We got to Austin around lunch time, and got to meet baby Kara. She is just a doll. I keep smelling her little head when I get a chance. I love that new baby smell (not to be confused with the new car smell...)
We ate lunch and headed out to the lake. I was the only girl on board the boat, but it was fun! The guys wake boarded and I watched, wishing I had the kahunas to try it. Not for me. I saw one too many face plants and I like my teeth and eyes where they belong -- in my head. So I declined. Looked like a lot of fun though! Chad tried it - and still needs to perfect his technique. He'll get it down soon, I'm sure.

The fabulous Little Lanford Ladies are having a grand time on their vacation. We've talked to Carys quite a bit since we've been in TX, and she is so excited about what's going on back at home. She called us to tell us about her horseback ride - she was SO excited! She told me all about her firetruck experience - again, SO excited.
They're very busy little girls!

They spent the first half of the week with my parents, and now they are with the Lanfords. I know they are getting so much attention this week - and I'm happy about that. They don't have time to miss us!
Here are some pictures I just received from their adventures - I'm jealous I wasn't there.

Here they are picking blueberries. I'm not sure how many Cailyn actually put in the bucket. It looks like she sampling a few!

And here they are on the firetruck. They got to press the siren button & see all the fun stuff on board.

And the puppies! Carys told me all about the puppies' eyes being open.
By the way, does anyone want a lab puppy in a few more weeks? They are too cute!

I'm jealous about the beach trip they took. This part (especially the sand!) isn't my favorite, but they look like they're having fun. Me? I wouldn't be able to wipe the sand off fast enough.


Nikki said...

Looks like all the Lanfords are having a blast!

Did I count correctly? 10 puppies? Sorry, no takers bulldogs are enough! :)

Nana said...

We have had a blast! Don't ever say there's nothing to do at Nana's house! Skye, you have to post the "after" pix in the car - too cute!

Brenda said...

Man, I want to go play at Nana's house too. Too precious!

Carla said...

I figured out how to make a blogspot! Yeah! It won't be as cool as yours, but check us out!

Brandy said...

Love all the pictures! And tales of your journeys :)