Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Texas Hill Country Wine

Today was a little less chaotic than yesterday - which is a good thing!
We left San Antonio this morning, and headed to Fredericksburg - an old German town. It's a picturesque little city, with tons of things to do & see.

I've always imagined the entire state of Texas to be flat. We were reminded of the foothills of NC when we were driving today. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

We ate lunch at a little Italian bistro in Fredericksburg. I was a bit bummed because I really wanted a Roma, mozzarella & basil sandwich. The Italian BLT, without the bacon, if you will! But, given the nationwide salmonella and tomato scare, I had to settle for sun dried instead of fresh tomatoes. It wasn't the same. Still tasty, just not the same.

After lunch, we visited some shops, which included Rustlin' Robs. This place has so many dips, salsas, hot sauce & other goodies - it was a shame we had already eaten lunch. There were samples galore - and each one was unique and tasty.
Chad ventured back to the hot shop - where all the sauces are guaranteed to put tears in your eyes & holes in your stomach. Let's just say that he tried a sauce called Black Mambo. You all know how I feel about snakes - so anything that has anything to do with snakes has zero tolerance in my mind. He tried it anyway. And downed a whole bottle of water trying to dull the heat. No taste, he said, just pure fire in your mouth.
Sounds like fun to me!
Shortly afterwards, we had to take a little break. Chad could feel the beginnings of a seizure trying to break through, and we think it was the hot sauce that did it. He was fine, so don't worry. It's just strange that the triggers are becoming more random. Who would have thought hot sauce would induce an episode?

We also visited three wineries today - and all three boasted delicious wines and beautiful views.

Grape Creek Vineyards: Our favorites were the Muscat, Grand Rouge & Viognier.

Torre di Pietra: Our favorites were Porto Blanco, Red Flirt, Dirty Girl & Chiaro de Luna.

Becker Vineyards: Our favorites were Celemtino, Muscato & Fume Blanco

After the tour, we headed to Kerrville, where we're staying tonight. We took a little siesta (that means nap, Poppi!) and went to dinner.
We chose a Creole restaurant in town which was absolutely wonderful! We only got the half portions, and we were right not to order the full size. We were miserably stuffed after licking the sauce off the plates. Delicious!

You'll be happy to know we have now been in Texas for three days. And we've been to Wal-Mart every day.
I know, I know. I can't survive without Wal-Mart. Chad needed cookies. I needed hair pomade. Chad needed milk. I needed a razor.

And it seems that the girls are having a wonderful time on their vacation as well. I'm told Carys went horse-back riding today and LOVED it. I can't wait to see pictures from it - and I'll post them for you when I get a chance.
In the meantime, here are some pictures of Chad & I from our adventures today.
Blog to you soon! ;)

Here I am, on the awesome cow settee at the second winery.

And here is Chad, sipping his early afternoon Muscat.
Don't worry.
The state of TX is only allowed to let us taste like half an ounce. Barely enough to even taste it...


Nikki said...

I don't blame you about the HOT salsas! Don't get me wrong, I like a little heat, but not that much. Chad-I'm impressed!

You guys have a blast...

meg said...

I love hearing about your trip every day! I was wondering if that is Yosemite Sam behind Chad at the winery? Just forgot to put his hat on?