Monday, August 18, 2008

My girls of Summer

For some strange reason, the girls love being outside. Goodness knows, they didn't get that from me. I'm not one with nature bugs, dirt & sweat. As I get older, the mosquitoes grow more fond of my ultra-sweet blood, even through Deep Woods Off. I have to admit that it makes me happy when I get to slap one of those little blood-suckers.

I cannot believe that Carys will be in preschool again in a few short weeks. And Carla brought another nerve-wracking fact to reality this weekend: Carys & Faith will register for KINDERGARTEN this Winter.


Amanda said...

I'm doing the Kindergarten thing this year,next year and then I get a tiny break. I have to admit in my case I am looking forward to it.

My kids love it outside too and they for sure don't aquire that from me.

Aunt Carmen said...

My, My! Your girls have really grown this summer. Just since I saw them in May.They will always be beautiful babies to me though! I'm glad you all are enjoying what's left of the summer.Another season will soon be upon us!

Brandy said...

My kids love being outside but so do I.
Cailyn's hair is so pretty! And her eyes.... You guys make some beautiful girls.
Love your new blog look..cute header pics!