Saturday, August 16, 2008

What I've been up to...

Things have been relatively quiet here. We've been soaking up the sun, watching movies & trying to enjoy the last few glorious weeks of summer before Carys goes back to preschool.
But, this past week, I've been busy toiling away on my business website. Check it out.
If you know anyone who's preggo, just had a baby, needs an invitation...pass my site along!

Oh, and I'll be taking orders for holiday cards soon. Can you believe it's AUGUST...and December is not too far away? Blows my mind.

Here is a sample of my recent designs. Hope you like 'em :)


Chad said...

This isn't proper blogging etiquette.

Emily said...

I love the font with the big loops on g's and p's and such. Nice job on the designs!!

Amanda said...

Good luck Skye!!! LOVE,LOVE the new look. The pictures of your girls on top are beautiful.