Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Preschool Princess

The last first day of preschool - how bittersweet!
Carys has been talking about going to Kindergarten next year, which she's very excited about.
She hasn't been to thrilled about starting preschool this year, but she was pretty pumped about it this morning.

She woke up after I gently prodded her for a few minutes, and watched a bit of Pinky Dinky Doo - then we ate. She requested dippy eggs & biscuits (that's soft fried eggs to you non-Carys-speaking people).
After breakfast, she announced that she wanted her hair to be straight today, so off we went to make her hair as straight as I could in this Carolina humidity.

Dressed, Teeth brushed. Lunch box secured in backpack. Out the door.

It's weird to be on this routine again!

She got to hang out with a few of her friends this morning before the school day began, so she was a happy camper. She quickly found her name at her little desk and got to work on preschool things, like puzzles and coloring.

Cailyn & I went for a walk after we got home from dropping Carys off. I'm finally making time for myself now that Carys is in school - so a walking routine it is! Holly & Max joined us - it was hot, but good to be out.

WeeOne and I picked Carys up around 1pm, and she was thoroughly exhausted. We talked briefly about her day, I chatted with the teacher & we were on our way to a Carys'-First-Day-of-School surprise. Dairy Queen. Yum, yum. We feasted on chocolate-dipped cones and came home, after examining every single thing she did today; which included MAKING NEW FRIENDS! (I am thrilled that she decided to give them a chance today. She was really NOT liking the whole new friend idea for some reason.) Granted, she can't remember any of their names, but at least she called them her friends instead of "strangers in my class" as she referred to them a few times this week.

So, there you have it. The first day of preschool.

Oh, and the Diva Dress...here it is! She wanted to wear her glitter Hello Kitty shoes with it, but I thought the rhinestones, leopard backpack & glitter shoes would have been overkill.
But what do I know? I'm not a young fashionista. I am *almost* thirty, donctha know?


Nana said...

Ummmm.....Skye......did I not teach you the "no white shoes after Labor Day" fashion rule?? It's ok. At least you drew the line on the glitter shoes!

She looked gorgeous! (and a teeny bit nervous) Hooray, Carys!!

skye said...

And you know - I really stressed about the shoes.
I know, I know. No white shoes after Labor Day. I remember my Southern upbringing.
However, those shoes aren't just white - they're pink, blue & yellow too. SO I thought I was safe from the fashion police. No?!?!

Nana said...

You're forgiven.(Chalk it up to those *almost 30* brain cells!)

Sip said...

love the diva dress!!! very diva-licious!

Amanda said...

I love Carys's dress and her hair straightened. It sounds like a great first day.

Aunt Carmen said...

Well, Carys certainly looks excited and just radiant in her sparkly pink dress.Her straight hair makes her look all grown up too!I'm glad she had a great first day and I'm positive she will make many new friends this year.

Brandy said...

She is adorable! Has she gotten taller? Love the dress. I bet Darcy wouldn't take it off.