Thursday, September 4, 2008


I feel like Summer passed us by.
Granted, we Lanford Girls tanned our hides by the pool almost daily, attended random animated movies once a week, slept in, stayed up late & just enjoyed not having a real agenda.

All that ends next week when Carys starts preschool - you know the LAST TIME before she starts KINDERGARTEN! (I am hyperventilating as I type...)

Today, we went to Carys' preschool orientation.
She has been a little upset that none of her friends from last year are in her class this year. I think it will be okay though, since there are so many new friends for her to make this year.
And she'll get to see her other buddies on the playground everyday.

Here's our start-of-the-school-year checklist:

1. New shoes. Check!

Carys picked these out all by herself. They certainly scream CARYS! to me.

This is the first pair of sneakers she has owned without Velcro. A big step in her little world. She has convinced herself that she can tie them. But she can't. She just makes a jumble of knots...

2. New haircut. Check!

We have finally found a stylist that can tame Carys' unruly locks. YIPPEE! I am so excited that she actually looks like she has a head full of gorgeous hair now, instead of a pile o' frizz atop her shoulders.

3. New lunchbox. Checkity check!

Last year, Carys was quite find of her Disney Princess & Spiderman lunchboxes. This year, she requested one with flowers. Then she wanted one with sparkles. Then Dora. Then Transformers. Then....I lost count.

So, finally Mama just put one in the cart at Target and walked away. Result? A brand new lunchbox with no cartoon characters - and Carys doesn't even remember that she didn't pick it out...

4. New backpack. Check! (or Spots! I guess...)

She picked this one by herself - after I broke her little heart at the Sanrio store. Um, hello - they wanted $58 for a Hello Kitty backpack. Had I know she wanted one of those so badly, I would have bought one off a street vendor on our excursion to Mexico for four dollars.

She looks so tiny with her gigantic leopard backpack. Sniff, sniff. She's all grown up.

So, I think Carys is excited to start the new school year. She just told me she wants to wear something special on her first day.
The Diva Dress may make an appearance here very soon!


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Sip said...

i LOVE the shoes!!! i wonder if they come in big girl sizes?!?!? ha!

can't wait to see the Diva Dress. you should photoshop in a red carpet, definitely.

Nana said...

That's my girl! Watch out pre-school! Skye, if she does the diva rhinestone dress, the funky shoes, AND the beautimous backpack on the same day....ummm....can you find that button that says "I dressed myself today!"?

Anonymous said...

We're at the same stage and I bought the same lunch box for my GracieGirl. Her first day was today and she wore a shirt that said "Preschool Princess." Diva-worthy for sure! xoxo