Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Carys funny

This past weekend. Chad had to get fitted for a tuxedo for the much talked-about Walker-Williams wedding in December. (Yes, even the tux shop thought he was well prepared.)

This is the conversation that occurred.

Carys: What are we doing at this fancy suit place?
Me: Daddy is going to be in a wedding.
Carys: He is?
Me: Yes. You remember Mr. Brian and Ms. Melissa? They are getting married right after your birthday. And Daddy is going to be in the wedding.
Carys: Oh.

A few minutes later....

Carys: Mommy? Why is Daddy getting married? He's getting a new wife?
Me: Um, no. He only has one wife and I'm it.
Carys: But...who will he marry at the wedding then?
Me: Daddy is not getting married. Mr. Brian and Ms. Melissa are getting married. We're just going to watch.
Carys: Oh.

We'll see if this conversation starts over again in a few days. She is so funny!


Melissa said...

I love this story! Look for you invitation this week!!!!

Brandy said...

Lol, Carys is so funny.