Monday, October 13, 2008

A couple of Pumpkin-Painting Picassos

The girls convinced me to let them paint their wee wittle punkins. I don't know what came over me when I said yes. Thankfully, they kept the paint mostly on the pumpkins and mostly off their clothes, the walls, the floor & each other.
Here they are, showing off their artwork.
I gave them each colors to decorate with -- who knew that any combination of colors just results in a grey-purple hue?

And here is my eldest Punkin - and her sly little grin. She wasn't necessarily up to anything in this picture - but that particular grin gets a lot of play around here. As in: "Who me? I didn't do was Cailyn!"
And my Wee Punkin. Who's starting to look more & more like a little girl and less & less like a baby. She is also my very girly girl. Granted, Carys likes sparkles and glittery schtuff.
Cailyn? Well, she kind of bounces when she walks. And will only wear dresses these days. As soon as breakfast is over, she's "ready get dwessed now." And she's not "dressed" until her hair gets did....She doesn't get that from me. It's 3pm. And I just recently changed from my pajamas. And brushed my mop. But don't tell anybody...

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Brandy said...

Beautiful pumpkins :)
I was just looking at the picture of Cailyn and thinking Wow, she is looking so much older! Isn't it crazy how it seems ot happen overnight?