Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I can't help myself!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - and we've been busy at the Lanford house today.
Carys has helped me make a pumpkin mousse pie (low sugar for us diabetics - and it's delish!), homemade fudge (which is NOT low sugar, so I can't indulge), corn souffle and yummy sweet potato casserole. I am SO looking forward to being with our families tomorrow. I can almost hear that sweet sound of contentment, the aftermath's miserable groans of expanded bellies, and the sight of a trampled & sampled feast table. Ahhhhhh. Cannot wait!

But you know what else I love about Thanksgiving?

After tomorrow's feast, I can officially dress my adorable children is Christmas garb, freely sing holiday jingles without strange looks from my loving husband, and decorate my house without the neighbors thinking I have lost my mind a few weeks earlier than this time last year...

And, I can finally share this with you. My darling little Care Bear, who loves all things merry & bright - just like her mama. Enjoy.


aunt Carmen said...

Loved, Loved, Loved the song!
Happy Thanksgiving Lanfords!

Bob said...


Sip said...

mmm corn souffle. i wanted to make some but my mom already had corn. maybe for christmas ;)