Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh, how I love December!

Although this month is by far our busiest (isn't it for everyone?), I love December. It's the ambiance.
It's cozy. Comforting. Sparkly and festive.
I love the way everyone is a little more chipper than normal.

There are a ton of people we love celebrating birthdays this month, including our own Miss Carys. I cannot believe she is going to be FIVE.

And two of our dear friends are getting married this month too! We are so excited to see all of our best friends at the wedding - it's going to be so much fun!

Carys will be singing in her preschool's Christmas concert next week. Last year's performance was so cute, and I know this year's will be a favorite memory as well.

We put our Christmas tree up over the weekend, and the house is merrily decorated. I love it!
I sent Christmas cards out this week, and we've been singing Jingle Bell Rock to our heart's content. Chad is growing quite tired of hearing the same song over & over, but he's a good sport.

Chad also painted our kitchen on Sunday. It was a beautiful shade of CAROLINA blue, which I'm sure was the main reason he wanted to change it since we moved in. Clearly, I didn't allow him to paint it Wolfpack red.
It's now a lovely shade of apple green - like granny smith apples. It's a big change, and I really like the change. The girls say it's boobiful, so I guess they like it, too.

I haven't been so good about taking pictures lately. Too much to do with the business and around the house lately. I do intend on snapping some pictures of the girls festively dressed very soon.

Oh, and the Friday Feast will be back this week.

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