Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet Skippy

This Christmas, the girls have a new best friend. No, we didn't cave in and buy them a puppy or another kitty cat, or even a polar bear or hamster (Carys keeps asking for one of each).

I heard about the Elf on the Shelf - and decided that we, too, needed to start that tradition. It's cute - and truth be told, it may just help me keep my insane exuberant children in check for the Holidays.

Meet Skippy. Skippy Lou, to be exact.
When I pointed the elf out to Carys a few days ago, she was a little intimidated. She did ask him what his name was, and using my best ventriloquist act he told the girls his name was Skippy. A few hours later, Carys looked a little too serious on the couch. When I asked her what was going on in her curly little head, she told me she kept asking Skippy what his middle name was - but he wouldn't answer her. Ha!

So, again, "he" told her his whole name: Skippy Lou Elf. (Um, because when Carys thought she heard him say "Skippy" the first time, I ran with it. And then all I could think of was "Skip, skip, skip to my Lou...")
Skippy's been mum ever since he told us his name. We decided it was because he is only supposed to talk to Santa - he's not allowed to talk to us. However, Carys called me in her room last night to tell me that she could hear the elf whispering. How cute is that?

Chad & I have been cracking up since Skippy's arrival. When the girls are being mean to each other, they no longer run to one of us - they run to Skippy to turn each other in!
We were watching TV last night, while the girls were in the playroom, and the next thing we know, we hear:

"Skippy, I love you. You're my best friend. But I have to tell you that my little sister, Cailyn - she's only two - she's being very mean to me. She's not sharing. Please tell Santa that I am a good girl."

and then CaiCai chimes in shortly thereafter:

"Skippy, I love you. Sissy says bad words to me. Tell Santa."

I cannot stop laughing. I think it's hysterical - and the best way to recycle a Kellogg's Rice Krispies Snap-Crackle-Pop elf Christmas ornament that used to live on Nana's tree.

Carys knows that Skippy reports to Santa each night after she goes to bed, so she was very excited to talk to Skippy this morning. However, Skippy had changed locations - and now resides in the living room.

Wonder where he'll pop up next?
And I really hope that Fiona, the crazy cat, doesn't decide to make him a plaything. How would Santa I explain that?


Amanda said...

Oh yes we have an elf too. My girls named him Snowy Patrick:) Although I am secretly hoping that my Fiona does make him a play toy;)

Sip said...

ok, we need video of them reporting each other to Skippy Lou...

Jennifer Jackson said...

You need to get the book and it explains everything to them...why he doesn't talk, why they can't touch him, etc. We love our "Freckles"! He came back this year on Thanksgiving Day! Some of our friends have naughty elves that TP their houses at night and some have nice elves who bring small presents! Have fun with Skippy!

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