Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our party weekend

Carys had a great birthday party on Saturday. She got everything she wanted & more! In fact, she received everything she asked Santa for already, so now she has to have a new Santa List. I bet this will happen every year from now on...something about December birthdays!
Faith, Carys, Chad & a little bit o' Bradon

After the party, our families went to Meadow Lights, which is a small community about 30 minutes from here. They decorate and cater to little ones, with a train that goes around the lights, a carousel and pictures with Santa (which we did not do because it was freezing!).Here are Chad and mini-Chad (aka Cailyn) on the train.
Carys, Chad & Landon on the carousel
And then, of course, Cailyn had to go potty right
before the carousel ride,so we rode it by
ourselves after the other kids got off.
Thanks to everyone who came to help Carys celebrate. She had a lot of fun and told me "it's da best day o' my wife!"

The much anticipated Easy Bake Oven was put to use for the first time last night.
Carys was a proud baker last night; after thirty minutes of stirring an infinitesimal amount of water to make a "dough", and then waiting for two cookies to bake and cool. She gobbled them up, of course, and shared them with all of us. My little Betty Crocker in the making!


aunt Carmen said...

I'm so glad Carys had such a wonderful birthday. I too, had a Easy Bake oven when I was younger and loved it! Goes to show you how long it's been around, huh?

Sip said...

i LOVE that last photo! what a riot. this one should make the senior yearbook....

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