Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Tradition I'll Keep

There are only a few people who will recognize this, but I think everyone will enjoy it.
It was stashed away in a box of items in my Gramaine's room. I was so lucky to find it.
Since 1989, this Santa hung in my Gramaine's house everyday, not just at Christmas. We used to joke her about it hanging at her kitchen entry every day of the year. She would just laugh, and tell us "Well, I know, shug" (short for sugar, pronounced "shugah") in her clear Charleston drawl.

Each name represents one of her most precious gifts - her grandchildren.

It's a family heirloom I'll treasure forever.


Nana said...

Made me cry this morning! (Did it hit you, looking at that list, that you are the eldest?!)

aunt carmen said...

I remember the Santa very well. I added the names for Grandmaine myself and she kept it up year round as a daily reminder of some of the many things she was thankful for. I'm glad you have it and I know you will cherish it as much as she did.

The Blackwell's said...

It was so good to see this! I think everyone remembers this hanging and seeing their name on it. It is so special. The real question is are you going to leave it hanging year round! lol

love bree

Rachael said...

The Charleston Drawl is one of my favorites... perfect for such a word as Shug... xoxo