Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Winter Wonderland Wish

Carys has been begging for snow, especially since she's seen pictures from our family & friends in other states that get it ALL the time. She wanted some, too.
And she got it.
Seriously, it doesn't snow here. We get a flurry maybe once a year, but we haven't had real snow in years - four years, to be exact. Carys was barely one year old the last last time we got a decent amount, so she didn't really know what to expect.

We had so much fun, and school was canceled here for two days. It's a little warmer today and the snow is quickly disappearing. I think it's supposed to be back in the 50s tomorrow, so our Winter Wonderland is almost gone. We ended up with about 6 inches of the white stuff, and it was just enough to close everything down. My New York family members are probably laughing at that - but it's true. We're never prepared to handle snow because we so rarely get it. No one sells sleds or anything else related to snow-time fun. Trust me. I called every retailer I could think of...

The girls have played, eaten snow cream, built a bad snowman (not their fault - it was not good packing snow), pelted everyone withing a .05-mile radius with snowballs, and eaten icicles to their hearts content.

Cailyn was just as excited as Carys...before we went outside. Once she set foot in the snow, it was a different story. As the resident Diva in our house, she doesn't like to be cold. Or wet. And she doesn't like to fall down.
All of those factors equal an unhappy camper, in general. She did manage to squeeze a few smiles out though, so it wasn't all bad.

I won't bore you with all the pictures I took of little snow bunnies, but be on the lookout for a few more over the next week or so. I'm off to thaw our frost-bitten toes by the fireplace. And drink hot cocoa, eat chicken noodle soup, play Scrabble, and take a nap. Apparently, that's what you do when there's snow. :)


Chad said...

They actually built the snowman on January 20th: the inaugaration of our 44th President. A local radio station, G105, actually had a contest to see who could create the best Obama look-alike snowman. Here's the link for the Snobama contest: .

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. You have gotten more snow than us this year. I want to be bored with more pics! LOL! Glad you had fun in the snow. I could have mailed you a sled. Ours is not getting used :)