Saturday, August 26, 2006

Our Wilmington Trip

We're back. We were only gone a few days, but we crammed in a lot of stuff!
We had a great time, even though we didn't see Chad much. The conference kept him pretty busy. But the girls & I had lots of fun. We went to the Children's Museum twice...Carys just loved it.

Carys & I posing in front of USS North Carolina. Notice the dirt on her shirt? Yea, she did a face dive into a mud puddle at dinner. Of course, her white shirt was the only thing that got dirty!

Carys & Chad outside the Wilmington courthouse

Carys in a cotton wagon at the Cotton Exchange. I had lots more pictures of this place...but something happened to the camera & *poof* the pictures are gone.

Carys putting rocks into the fountain by the pool of the hotel. She thought it was hilarious.
Yes...I made her take them all back out...

She actually touched a toad! I couldn't believe she was even chasing it, much less touching it.

Carys, Cailyn & I at the Children's Museum. I had the girls by myself, so I was trying to be a 1-man-band & take a great photo of the Fabulous Lanford Girls. This is what I got instead.

"Do I have to keep smiling???"
Carys, looking at the pirate's chest. She got very confused when I told her it was called "booty." She thought I wanted her to shake her booty, I guess...because she kept trying to ;)

Argh. A Viking. Oh wait, it's just Carys in disguise!

She wanted to dance, and kept pressing the buttons until she found a good song. It was the Hawaiian version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (my personal favorite!). She played it over & over.

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