Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Comparison time

Sometimes Chad & I think the girls look a lot alike. Sometimes not. What do you think?

CARYS @ 3 months

CAILYN @ 2.5 months

Such cuties. We are so very lucky to have both of these beautiful girls. I can't wait to see how Cailyn's personality is different from Carys'. Carys was such a laid back baby; Cailyn has been somewhat demanding. Now, Carys is full of energy - she never stops. It will be interesting to make a comparison with photos at the 6-month mark. In my opinion, that's when Carys started looking like "Carys", if that makes sense.

Anyway - here are a few more photos - of my pregnancy. Thanks to our friends Andrew & Holly at Aperture Aficionado Photography.
I have a lot from this collection framed & on our mantle/bedrooms....I think they are just precious. I look at these pictures & remember how much fun it is being pregnant (except for the last month or so - that's pretty uncomfortable!) I think I reached to rubbed my belly a few hours after Cailyn was born - it's such a weird feeling to have carried them inside for so long & then all of a sudden (well, after 16 hours of labor) they're here! I was so used to rubbing my belly & talking to her - it became second nature. I really did love being pregnant, even though Cailyn's pregnancy was a lot more difficult than Carys'. Thankfully, I have a beautiful baby girl and my health has returned to normal.

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