Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our great library adventure

So, we tried something new today. We were going to story time at the local library. I called late last week to see what time/day they had it available for toddlers, I talked it up to Carys - she was most excited this morning. She was going to be a good girl, she was going to meet some new kiddos, she was going to have so much fun! (I probably wasn't going to have quite as much fun, but I'll have to find out another time...)

We drive to the library. And I say to myself: "Self, me thinks the library is closed."

Oh yes, dear friends, the library must have spontaneously decided to rip up their parking lot since late last week. I don't know how spontaneous one can be when ripping up concrete (Chad assures me it's not a very spontaneous thing to do). Let me just say that you don't get a toddler all psyched up to go to a library & be a good girl, get her to promise to do so, then tell her "too bad" as we drive by the library. It's just not a good thing. There were tears. Big ole crocodile tears.

Granted, the library was probably not actually closed. But, there was nowhere to park. Unbeknownst to me, our town is having a Fall Festival this weekend, so every available parking spot has been taken over by wannabe carnies. (Actual carnies are way more scarier if you ask me.)

Poor Carys. She was so excited. I even did another lap around the block, tried to find a parking spot. Nothing. Stupid library.

So we went to the store instead. Shopping soothes the soul, they say (Who's they? Me, myself, I & myself. That's "they"). Carys got a few books and I got a few things for our weekend.

And just when I think she's forgotten about the whole library debacle, she says: "Mom-mom...I wanna go to stowwy time, too." Poor kiddo. I feel really bad.

I do want to take Carys to the festival if we get a chance this weekend. Not likely, but I can add it to my list of things to do. She saw the brightly painted horses on the carousel - she was pretty jazzed. Again, I had to burst her bubble by telling her the fair wasn't open yet. And, it's not. I know that for a fact because, unlike the library, the Fall Festival peeps had their wits about them & posted a freakin' sign about what was going on. The festival opens tomorrow, ends Sunday.
Yippee. I'm glad I know what's going on.

Here's my big girl - right after lunch. You probably can't tell, but there are lollipop remnants all over her shirt (the nice lady at the bank always gives her a red one...which always makes more of a mess than any other color). Also note the ketchup. I don't think she ate any ketchup today. She decorated her shirt & pants with it.

And my other big girl. I propped her up on the couch upstairs to get picture. She was having a blast, kicking & giggling. I wish I was amused by such simple things.

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