Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stay away sickies!

So Carys is sick. Nasty little cold. Yuck! I know I fell like crud when I have a cold - I know she must feel bad.
Wait. She would feel bad if I didn't give her medicine. I gave this little runny-nosed girl some Simply Stuffy to clear her nose. She was starting to sound like Darth Vader...
And I think I must have given her liquid cherry-flavored crack instead.

She is insane today! She didn't sleep last night because I gave her medicine (a different kind for NIGHT TIME the bottle said. I promise it didn't make her drowsy, as the label indicated), and it also made her wacky. She was jumping off the walls. Waking every few hours just to wake us up by talking incessantly. When I got up at 4:30 to feed Cailyn, Carys was up too. Then she was up again when Chad was getting ready for work. And then again sometime after that.
She was talking about anything and everything. "It's dark? What's that noise? Carys baby here! Mama....mama.....mama? Mom-mom? Mom-mom!!!....Where's Cailyn? Oh! Okay." And on. And on. And on.

Today, she refuses to nap. I can literally see her buzzing around the room. I've made her lay down for "quiet time", and she is just laying on the couch - chattering away.

What do drug companies think they are doing? I don't need her to be sick & hyper. I need her to rest so she can get better. And I don't need the sickies floating around the house because she can't sit still.

I have to get some work done. I am submitting a proposal for a rather nice project. If I get it, I need to able to do it. And not be sick.
Please, sickies, stay far far away.

On other news, I was reaching into the depths of my closet to find something to wear to Chad's 10-year high school reunion this coming weekend. And the dress I love? FITS! I haven't been able to wear it, being pregnant & all. But I can wear it now baby! Still got a long way to go, but I"m getting there.

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amber said...

Not good! I have always heard that some kids respond that way to poor thing! Emma woke up with a stuffy nose last night also and can't sleep at all. Hello Cold Season.