Saturday, October 28, 2006

betty crocker vs. an impatient toddler

Me: Carys - it's a perfect day for cookies. Let's make some cookies!
Carys: Mmmmm. Yummy! Cooties!

I seriously think about *making* cookies from scratch. Nah. I have dough in the fridge.
Dough it is.

Carys: Mommy...what are you doing?
Me: Making cookies.
Carys: Oh. (pause) What's that? (referring to brick o' cookie dough on the cookie sheet)
Me: Cookies.
Carys: I want some! (devilish grin)
Me: Yummy. Cookie dough it is!

Carys & Mommy in unison: Mmmm. Cootie dough.

Carys: Mommy, I like it. Carys like cookie dough.
Me: me too, kiddo.Carys: What are you doing?
Me: We have to bake the cookie dough to make cookies. Get back - the oven is hot!
Carys: Oh-tay, Mommy! Hot! Hot! (does a little dance around the kitchen, then returns to my side when I close the oven door)
Carys: What are you doing?
Me: Now we wait.
Carys: Carys wait he-ah (translation: here).
Carys: Mommy!!!! Cooties finished! Yummy cooties!!!!
Me: Yes, but they are very hot. We have to let them cool down.
Carys: Oh-tay Mommy. Wait he-ah. (she goes back to the floor)

Carys: I want cootie, Mommy.
Me: Let's see if they're cool enough to eat....yep! Here you go.
Carys: Thank you Mommy. (chewing noises) Mmmmm (rubs belly). I like it. Carys likes cooties.

After Carys & I polished off a cookie or two with a glass of milk, I carefully wrapped one in a napkin and told Carys to take it to Chad. She was SO excited. She walked carefully up the stairs. I followed behind her, but stopped to watch her proudly hand the cookie over to her cookie-monster daddy.

Carys: He-ah daddy. Cootie!
Chad: You made me cookies? Thank you! They look yummy!
Carys doesn't hand over the cookie. She breaks off a small piece - hands it to Chad, then pops the rest in her mouth.

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