Thursday, February 1, 2007


Welcome to our little Winter Wonderland. It's not much, but it was just enough snow to make a 3-year-old giddy first thing this morning. So we got all bundled up.

And went out to play before the snow turned to sleet (which happened almost the instant we stepped outside...)After about 20 minutes, I was done.
Then we came in & defrosted by the fireplace.
Oopsie! I almost made dogsicles.
And, before I forget, Chad made it home safely on Tuesday. Carys was so excited to see him - I don't think she left his side all evening.
She is now the proud owner of a pink cowburl forthcoming, I promise.

I took Carys to see Flushed Away at the Howell last Sunday. We haven't done anything by ourselves (apart from running the occasional errand) since Cailyn's arrival, so she was pretty excited. She had po'com (popcorn), gummies (gummy bears), and shoda (soda). She had a blast, I think. She is still talking about the mean green frog and the silly mouse that broke the boat.

Anyway - stay toasty today. It's downright frigid! I am going to try & whip up some snowcream for CareBear...and myself. (And Chad has also put in a request - maybe we'll leave some for him!)


nikki said...

Too cute! Only in the south do we get excited over a little snow!

amber said...

SO MUCH FUN!! Glad that Chad made it home safely. I meant to tell you that Jay is leaving for San Antonio in a few days...they just missed eachother. :)