Friday, February 16, 2007

Questions of the Day

Q: How does a toddler dress herself?
A: Anyway she chooses, I guess!
Seriously, Carys came out of her room dressed in this get-up. Mmmm, okay. I guess she added the boots because her tootsies were a little cold! Q: How does a 8-month old fall asleep?
A: With the aid of a coral-colored sea horse, that has been living in mommy's shirt for a few hours.
Oh yes, it worked! She has been taking better naps since I gave the horsie my "scent". Ah - the things you do to help the wee ones sleep better.
Q: What makes a Wee One cry?
A: Who knows. Teething. Mommy leaving the room. The dog walking by. It really has no rhyme or reason - but it goes to prove that I do not, in fact, have to smiliest baby in the world. She does cry too - I just don't *usually* take pictures of her crying. Smiles are much better.
And another one, for good measure....
Look, she laid an egg! Maybe that's what all the crying was about.
Q: Who's crawling now?
A: Me. And Carys. And Chad. And Cailyn, finally.
It took an army to teach this kiddo how to crawl. She's got it now!
Q: What's the smallest, most precious thing I have done today?
A: This:

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