Monday, March 19, 2007

Cailyn's 9-month check-up

I LOVE well-child visits. Of course I hate the shots, but I do love watching the numbers on the scale when it's time to weigh my little muffins.
Thankfully, there were no shots this time. YEA!

I thought Cailyn weighed more than she actually back seems to think she weighs about 45lbs. :)

She weighs 19 lbs 12.5oz
She is 29.75" tall

We (I) have misplaced Carys' records from 4-12months old, so I can't really do a comparison. I do think that Cailyn is about the same size as Carys was at this age. My memories of that are fuzzy though....

9 whole months gone. 3 more to go and we'll have a First Birthday! :)


Nikki said...

Wow!! She's almost 1!! And she's right in line w/Carson... :)

amber said...

I also love well visit checks! Cailyn is already past Emma on weight, and possibly height. Emma weighs right at 18 pounds. You have a good growing girl on your hands there. :) And I love the picture of your new van. Too cool!!

thefurrs said...

Carson and Cailyn are right at the same size...that is too funny. Oh Carson did have to get two because they were out of it at his 6 month check and one of two doses of antibiotics that he had to have for ear infections...he's had a hundred of them.