Thursday, March 22, 2007

itzy bitzy Ritzy

Someone has discovered the joys of Ritz crackers.
Move over. Cheerios, there's a new obsession.
And they're reduced-fat, too. I just realized today that she is quickly losing the baby chub.
Well, not too quickly. It's not like I get her up from a nap and one little chub roll has disappeared. (Gosh, wouldn't that be nice!)
But her little leg rolls are less noticeable. And just less, in general.
See - I am not kidding when I say Carys takes fuzzy photos.
And...look in the upper left corner. I'm alive!
Getting ready for gymnastics. Week 3. She LOVES it!
She couldn't wait to get out the door last night.
We used to call it Flip School, because she couldn't say gymnastics.
But we've got it now: "Can I go to 'nasticks, mama?!?! Now?!?!"


nikki said...

Gymnastics...Go Carys!! Let me know how it goes!

Amanda said...

Those chubby legs are too cute...I love them....I wish someone would say that about my chubby legs :) :)

amber said...

CUTE pictures! Love me some chubby legs too.

Anonymous said...

Awww. Love those pictures!

Linda (WW's)

Brandy said...

I had to laugh about the chub roll. Love the barrett in Cailyns hair. Carys is one smiley girl!