Thursday, March 29, 2007

The First (of many) Easter Egg Hunt

Last weekend was beautiful - and HOT! We were invited to an egg hunt with Chad's co-workers. It was a lot of fun!
We have another one this weekend, although I haven't told Carys yet. She doesn't forget little things like that, I would be answering "Egg hunt now, Mom-mm? Later? Now? When? Later?" all day long.
Before the great race. Oh. See the stairs?
You know that someone was going to fall, right?
I mean, with stairs like that, and so many kids, it's just going to happen.
To someone.
It was Carys. I knew it would happen. She was okay, despite a few scrapes.
The other parents were surprised at how quickly she recovered.

Waving to Mommy & Cailyn
Patiently waiting And she's OFF! The first egg she spied.
Cailyn, who was more interested in the flowers.
Cailyn examining her loot

Carys showing her sister what she's found.
Carys helped Cailyn open the egg, then quickly ate the candy ;)
Cailyn was just happy to play with the empty egg.
Sweet sisters
Daddy & Carys

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nikki said...

Poor Carys...she's a tough little girl! I just love the pics...they are too cute!