Monday, April 16, 2007

What happens when you're not looking

Another new trick!
She stands all by herself, but only for about a minute at a time.
She tried to take a step or two last night and this morning, but still lacks the confidence to stay upright, step and maintain her balance all at the same time. Soon though, we think. I will refrain from making any predictions on timing - because I am always wrong!
She's so proud of herself. And it's so cute to watch her stand there & clap for herself.
She always waves & says "Bye, Bye", shakes her head no at us when we tell her "no".
I also just caught the little booger climbing into a chair, then climbing onto the couch.
Note to self: Check room for anything else climb-able that Carys may have left out!

I'm sure you saw a similar picture to the one posted below in my previous post. Me & my gorgeous girls. The other one was cropped. WHY, you ask?
Notice Carys' pants?

(And also notice her filthy face {ahem, and shirt!}. Thanks to Auntie Cousin Shannon who kept giving her sugar. And sugar. And more sugar! I'm surprised she didn't fly home!)

So, yes, Nana. Carys needs some new pants. Yet I refuse to buy her more because it's April!

Those were the last pair of pants that fit her. And they were completely ruined Saturday. At the first party.
She was quite smitten with a little boy named Nathan - you would be quite taken with him too. He was cute. And possessed his very own canister of Pringles. (Which are Carys' "fab'ite" (translates to favorite), in case you didn't know!)
So they were hiding under the deck, behind the shed, around the HUGE dog (Alaskan Malamute - Geesh! That dog was big!)...eating Pringles.
She comes running from behind the shed, holding her knee, "Mom! Uh-0h! Mom!" I thought she just fell down. Because, well...that's what she does.
I was in the midst of telling her it was just dirt, wipe it off & keep playing.
Then she moved her hand away & I saw the hole. The biggest hole. Ever.
She was pretty upset, until she realized I wasn't mad at her. Poor girl.
Things happen. Pringles crunch into tiny pieces. And pants get really, really, really ruined.

I had a set of back-up/emergency clothes for her, but as I said, this was the l.a.s.t. pair of pants. And it was much to chilly for her to wear shorts.
And did I mention she did this at the first party we went to? Oh yea. We still had to go the 2nd party. And she looked like a ragamuffin.
Oh, well. She had a great time, regardless.
At least there were no new boo-boos in combination with her torn pants!


Nananette said...

Way to go, Mom, you have your priorities straight! Dirt is just dirt and.... holes happen!

amber said...

The hole in the pants is hysterical! HA! And look at Cailyn stand! She will be walking before you know it.

Brandy said...

Lol about the hole.
Cailyn is getting so big! Look at her. So many teeth and almost walking!