Sunday, April 15, 2007

One of those Saturdays.

This weekend was SO busy! We had four things to do Saturday. Three parties, and the MS Walk. We had to pass on something, unfortunately. So we made two parties. And we're exhausted! I do feel really bad about skipping the MS Walk this year.
But I've promised Nik that we'll ALL be there next year. I PROMISE!
(See, you have it in writing! And you have witnesses! :) )
I'm usually behind the camera. Almost always, in fact.
So, here are a few shots to prove that I exist.

The Lanford Family, April 2007

My gorgeous girlies & I.
Why is it that no one ever looks at the camera at the same time?
Or in the same direction?
And it's about time to retire the sling. :(
Shannon & I - she's the matchmaker that brought Chad & I together ;)The birthday boy, Landon. He must have thought I was a crazy camera lady.
He refused to give me a smile. Happy 2nd Birthday, Landon!!!

Cailyn, playing in a HUGE gift bag
She's gaining more confidence everyday.
She will stand completely unassisted for about 1 minute.
That just blows my mind!
She'll walk assisted, with one hand, finally.
Maybe 2 more weeks before all my hair turns gray
& she's toddling around the house? We'll see!
Carys, the Plumber.
She wanted to help Landon so badly - but her "help"
consists of ripping all the presents open & moving along to
the next one before Landon even sees what it is.
Yummy, Yum, Yum.
Nothing's better than a hotdog at a birthday party! :)

We also attended another party Saturday, but I forgot to take pictures. We finally met the adorably chunky baby Charlie - who is just adorable. And chunky.
Congrats again, Jessica & Dave! :)


Nikki said...

Wow...You did have a busy weekend! Don't worry about the've been a great supporter for a long time...I totally understand. Next year I'm hoping to run the walk! Maybe you could run it with me!!??

Love all the pics...too cute!

Nananette said...

Nikki: I felt bad about missing it too. Your news coverage was great, though! Maybe I will get in shape and run it with you next year, myself!
Skye: Does Nana need to buy my baby some new new pants? I see a little too much of her in the "unwrapping" photo! Too cute...

amber said...

How much fun! Glad you all had a great time. And when did Cailyn's hair come in? It seems to have exploded lately!

Christine said...

Beautiful family picture!!! They are all great and it looks like you had a good busy weekend!! The girls looks gorgeous!!!

Brandy said...

Great family picture. It really is almost impossible to get everyone looking the same direction.
Cailyn in the bag is so cute!