Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the park, a pool & serious drool

Hope you all had a fabulous Holiday weekend.
We did - it was great! We took the girls to Pullen Park Saturday. We were supposed to meet Kate & Lilly (our message board cyber-friends!), but poor Lilly had to go to the ped's office :( We're planning to try again because we were all pretty disappointed that we didn't get to meet.

Carys wanted to meet Wiwwy...and was pretty upset when she found out Lilly couldn't come. I did promise we would go to the park any way, and we had so much fun. It was so hot!

Here is Cailyn, in her sun protection gear.
She was in a great mood this weekend - especially
considering she popped TWO teeth! T-W-O.
Now she has 4 on top, 4 on the bottom.

Chad & Carys on the train - CHOO CHOO!

Chad & Carys watching the ducks and ducklings on the lake. They were so cute!
(The ducks and Carys & Chad!)

Carys in the middle of a breakdown.
It was hot. She was hungry. And it was approaching naptime. Just a swingin'
Riding the little boats
My big girl
Carys L. on the carouselSee Carys' new shoes?
She is such a tomboy.
They're Spiderman shoes - and she HAD to have them.
Chad had to convince me that it was okay I bought
her boy shoes. She likes them, which means she'll
wear them. And they light up when she walks...
Pretty cool. I just wish they made Spiderman shoes in PINK.The girls & me :)The HUGE sandbox and the turtle Carys wants
Chad to build for her in the backyard. Riiiiiight!
Cailyn & Chad
Climbing the huge din-bo-saur
"Hi, Mama!"
Ugh - a mosquito got her right in the middle of
her forehead. I am so ready for that bump to go away!
After bathtime - look at that hair!
It's hard to believe that we were once concerned that
she would be bald. I think she was about 10 months
old when her hair started to come in really well.
And....we're not concerned any more.Wouldn't it be great if she was always so helpful in the kitchen?
Her favorite thing to do lately is "help" me load & unload
the dishwasher. Granted, it takes me longer because I
have to reload all the clean dishes she's drooled
on after they've been washed. We got the small wading pool out this weekend. I didn't get pictures of the girls in it together, but I got a few good ones separately. We also put up the larger pool, but Zoe put two holes in it. We're not sure if we can fix it. Or if we want to. We'll see. But the girls did get to play in the larger pool all day yesterday. It was fun while it lasted.
Cailyn was napping at the point, so that's why she's MIA.
Now Carys is taking a nap...
I think Cailyn liked it that way. She had a blast!

I love this shot - I think she looks so mischievous.
This dog is in serious trouble. She may be cute.
And we do love her.
But, geesh, she's in the dog house. Literally.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you be selling ads...

Amanda said...

I Love,love the picture of Carys having a breakdown and Chad calmly sitting next to her. That picture speaks a million words!

emily said...

So many cute shots I can't even comment on them all. Brooklyn wanted similar Spider man shoes too. I held my ground. I'm sure if DH was there I would have caved too. They are pretty cool shoes and who cares right? Love the baby bikini!

Amanda said...

They are so cute....I do love the breakdown picture too. Carson has 4 teeth on bottom and top too...they are so right there together. Carson will be one on Sunday. They are growing up :)

Christine said...

Sooo CUTE!!! I was looking at the park pictures going "hmmm...we have been there..." and it took a while but I realized that we did indeed go there over Spring Break last year on our way to DC!