Monday, June 18, 2007

ah, summer time!

I love summer. I can do without the blistering Carolina heat. That's what AC is for, I suppose. Although we don't use the AC to its fullest. We try not to bust out with $200 electric bills. Viva la FAN!!!

We've been doing most of our playing after dinner. Otherwise, it's just too darn hot to have a good time. If we had a *pool* it may be better. But, if you remember, our beloved beagle put 2 holes in our pseudo-pool. And the 12" deep kiddie pool just doesn't cut it.

I'm craving good ol' Southern iced tea. The problem? I can't make tea to save my life. I can cook anything. But I can't make tea. It's some kind of error in my Southern upbringing.
I try. But it's never any good. I just made some, going straight by the instructions. Too strong.

Oh well.

Summer is...

...teaching your sister that that yellow bucket is yours. Off limits. You can't touch it.

...a perfect Pink Crush pedicure. Accessorized with dirt, mud, chalk dust & grass.
And already chipped.

...finally getting that yellow bucket & emptying its contents.

...learning the joys of sidewalk chalk.
She LOVES to "draw" already!

...drawing, drawing, doodling, drawing, and getting SO dirty!

...delaying bath time to make sure you're dirty enough!

...teaching your little sister to dance at dusk.

...sharing your beloved chalk, even if your sister likes to eat it.

...picking out the tastiest tiny rocks and pebbles.
(And hoping Mommy doesn't freak out when
she finds some rocks at your next diaper change!)

...trying out new shoes. And new hair dos!

..."smiling" for Mommy so she'll leave me alone & let me play.
...being a goofy girl while cooped up inside.
...giggling hysterically when Mommy figures out that the
squirming six-foot-long, neon-green tunnel has a baby inside!
And, man, is she C.U.T.E.!

...acting like a little Mommy & feeding the babies
(because Mommy coops us up in the house until it's under 90 degrees outside).

...getting a boo-boo and getting to hold BooBoo Bunny all by myself.
It's so hot, I think I'll get more owies if I get to hold Bunny again!


nikki said...

Love, love, love the pics! Too cute!! Cailyn's hair is adorable!!

Amanda said...

Skye it looks as if your Summer is off to a great start. I mostly go out after dinner when it's super hot out,or when I really don't wanna chase the kids(babies)myself! Love Cailyns pigtails,she is adorable.

Brandy said...

How cu-yoot! Great summer post.
Cailyn looks so much older with her hair up and I love those new shoes!
Love the pretty dirty toes :)

Anonymous said...


Perryrocks said...

Love the south and the heat-hate the humidty. One reason I love CA. Heat with no humidty. I understand the electric bill. $200 is norm over here. Love the pics of your girls. Adorable. Great photography as well.

Summer here we come!