Thursday, June 14, 2007

No WEIGH!!!!

The one-year well-child pediatrician's visit was today.
And I was SO shocked to hear her weight. I never would have
guessed that's she such a light-weight. My back thinks otherwise.
And maybe I'm crazy - but she looks big to me.
Then again, it's time for my vision exam.

Weight: 20.3 pounds, 4oth percentile
Height: 29", 50th percentile

Dr. Mike's birthday was today, so after a festive rendition of "Happy Birthday" by Carys, we got on with our check-up. Everything was great - Cailyn is just as healthy and happy as she should be. Which is always music to a mommy's heart. And I guess I'm thankful she didn't triple her birthweight like most babies do by their first birthday. She'd weigh thirty pounds! ;)

I know she just turned ONE. But, I swear, she looks so much older to me already.
Look at her hair - she's finally getting those little "wings" over her ears.
Sooner than I can imagine, she'll have little pigtails like her big sister.
(Her mouth looks funny because she "woof"ing at the dogs outside)

Here she is, playing with her best buddy, Emma.
They like to hang out by the front door and watch the
butterflies/bugs/squirrels and their favorite - the dogs across the street!
(Wanna guess how often I Windex the front door???)

Just a cute one of them watching Dora earlier this week.

I just loved her in this dress. What a cutie. I could gobble her up!

More Princess training - haha!
She really didn't want that tiara on.
She got it off - then tried to eat it.My Carys. Such a sweetheart.
And still in the dress-only phase.
She's also in the bow-in-my-hair phase.
I ask her to stand up straight and be still.
This is what I get.
So typical of her.
She can do one, but not the other! :)


Brandy said...

I need to catch up. You have so many great pictures of the girls.
That last one of Carys is adorable!

Amanda said...

You'll find that the dress stage is very easy b/c you just put on a dress and that's it!! Love the bow phase as well,they're only little girls for so long.

It's kinda like you have a twins during the day! That's kinda neat Skye.

Nana said...

Princess Grace and the Boo Boo queen.......