Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cailyn!

It's hard to believe you have been with us for a year already.
I remember the day you were born so vividly. The moment they laid you on a my chest, I wept. You were so beautiful - and big! We couldn't believe you weighed nearly 10 pounds. And if I had known that before labor began, I surely would have asked for an epidural!

I adore watching you change. When I see older pictures of you, it amazed me how much your features have changed already. You have so much hair, and teeth! Wow - the teeth! We chuckle when you grin because your little teeth take up your whole smile.
You give us the scrunched up face when you're happy or excited, and it's the sweetest thing I've seen.

You love your big sister more than I describe, and it's been fun watching you imitate her. But I can't help bu wonder how different you will be. Your personality is already so much different that hers - and I've loved watching you become who you will be.

I love it when you take a step, but turn around to see if we're still there.
I love it when you get sleepy and rub the back of my arm while I rock you to sleep.
I love it when you give slobbery, open-mouthed kisses to anything that sits still.
I love it when you do your little happy dance & sometimes topple over.
I love it when you decide you're done with dinner & give it to the dog.
I love it when you see me watching you & break out in a huge grin.
I love it when you splash your sister in the bathtub and giggle hysterically.
I love it when you get onto the couch by yourself & clap.
I love it when you decide to snuggle because you don't do it often anymore.

It's only been a year. One short year. And I have fallen in love with you each & every day.

Mommy, Daddy & Sissy


Anonymous said...


Christine said... made me cry!!

amber said...

That is so so so sweet! Happy Birthday Cailyn!

emily said...

Awe, that song, gets me everytime. I forgot how chubby she was as a newborn. Man, has she changed. Adorable adorable!!! Happy Birthday Cailyn.