Friday, July 6, 2007

she would change it herself, if she could

She tells us when she wants her diaper changed. ALREADY!!!
She'll grab her diaper & look intently at us, or she'll actually take you by the hand and drag you to her room.
And if he has a diaper that needs to be changed - all you have to do is ask: "Do you need to change your diaper?" And she shakes her head, says "Yea" and takes off toward her room.

Whoa. So not a baby anymore.

And Carys is the funniest little girl I've ever met.

me: What would you like for breakfast?
C: Hmmmm. Ice cream!
me: No ice cream. It's breakfast time. Try again.
C: Hmmmm. Cookies!
me: No cookies either. We need real food...
C: Oh, like cookies and milk?



Nik said...

She's a smart one!! Cookies & milk! Too funny!! Love the diaper story too! They are both growing up so fast!

Nana said...

that's my girl......

Rodrigo said...
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Amanda said...

Can you believe how big they act now? Carson doesn't act much like a baby anymore, well besides the yelling/crying to tell me something because he doesn't really talk just yet. That's really cute...and Carys...she's got the right idea ice cream and cookies for breakfast..she's my kinda girl.

Amanda said...

Carys and Savannah could so be friends!! Icecream and cookies for breakfast,Savannah's perfect day!

Brandy said...

Wouldn't it be great if cookies and milk were a healthy breakfast? ;)
And slow down Cailyn!