Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday again?

Carys, Carys, Carys.
I will have gray hair before I'm 30. I just know it.

Carys: Mommy!! Mommy! I swallowed it!
Me: Swallowed what?
(Huh. Silly me *thought* she was watching a movie on my bed, resting...)
Carys: My coiney! It's in my bewwy!
(coiney is her word for coin & money. She jumbles it together.)
Me: Oh...wait...did you say money? In your belly?????

Think. Think, Skye. Why did she have money?
Ohhh....I found a quarter & told her to put it in her piggy bank. We do this ALL THE TIME. And to my knowledge, she's never tried to EAT one before!

Oh, yes. She swallowed a QUARTER. I instantly freaked out, wondering how in the world I was going to get it out. Duh. She swallowed it! I now have to wait until she {ahem} passes it.
I do not know how she swallowed it. I don't know how she got it all the way down her throat without gagging. Or without screaming. Or something. Anything.
Needless, to say, we had a LOOOOooooong chat about money and where it belongs. (For example, it does NOT belong in your mouth. Or tummy. Or ear.)
Please keep your fingers crossed that I don't have to take her to the pediatrician for this. She'll pass it, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!?!
Geesh. And I just got my letter deeming me a finalist for the Mother of the Year award. Go figure!

Carys playing with a lady bug
(actually a potato bug, but shhh! don't tell her!)

Too much playing makes Carys a very tired girl!
She was watching a movie in our room, and we found her like this a little bit later.

I'll give a prize to the first person who can identify the MESS on my darling daughter.
Hint #1: It stains.
Hint #2: She got into it at the grocery store
(whilst I was otherwise occupied, apparently)
Hint #3: She LOVES them. Apparently. Okay, I can't wait.
That child got into cherries at the store.
Talk about a m-e-s-s!

But she does love them. She signed for more when we got home.
And proceeded to paint herself silly with them.
I hope some got into her tummy as well.
But I doubt it.

A little time at the lake this weekend.
Memaw went with us this time Carys was thrilled.
Cailyn & Nana

This mess is not cherry juice..rather raspberry Popsicle.Waving to Daddy on shore.

Nana & the girls - relaxing a bit.

Carys, Me, Cailyn, Memaw & Nana


~NiK~ said...

LOVE the cherry pics! Who would have thought..cherries! Too cute! Another weekend @ the lake...lucky you! I'm so jealous!

I hope the quarter comes out just fine...poor thing...

Christine said...

CUTE pictures!!! I am sure that quarter will pass...hmmm...not envious of the task to actually MAKE SURE it does pass!! UGH!!! Silly girl!!

Anonymous said...

were is MEMAW?