Tuesday, July 10, 2007

what we've been up to....

Wow. Have you ever heard me mention that I LOVE summer? Love it. Don't care much for the heat...but it works out nicely when you can go to the lake. We've been the last 2 weeks, and plan to make another visit this weekend. My aunt has a gorgeous house on the water and we've fully enjoyed visiting with family, catching some rays & just having fun.

Carys also loves it, and asks me each morning: "We goin' to da wake today?"
She was introduced to tubing this past weekend, and she adored it.

Chad gets the First Tuber of the Day award

Tubing with Mommy - waving to the camera man (aka Daddy)

Cailyn, snacking away

Carys & Chad, relaxing on the back of the boat.
We're pretty confident that Carys will be swimming soon.
A few weeks ago, she had to hold onto us, with a tube & floaties.
Then she just used floaties. Now...she upgraded to a life jacket.
All confidence. Scares me a little, but I'm glad she's enjoying the water.

Carys & Captain Wayne - she's actually steering.
She thought she was so cool to be driving the boat!
I asked her how she learned to drive & she said: "Just really FAST!"

Carys & Nana Nette went tubing too - what fun!!!

Cailyn, relaxing while we were anchored

What a sweetie. She LOVES the water, I tell ya!

We even took Zoe the Super Beagle along on the trip.
Still having fun! I think we'd been out on the
water for a few hours at this point and she still wanted more!
See this boat?
Yea, well....Carys followed her little buddy
Sierra onto it & jumped off. Right by herself!
FREAK. ME. OUT.Granted, there were adults in the water & she was
wearing a life jacket...I just never expected her
to just jump! Her head went under and it scared me to death...
but she did it again. And again. Regretfully, I missed the
actual jumping each time, but you get the idea.

Sleeping Cailyn. She slept like a rock on the boat.


Amanda said...

Oh wow Skye that looks like a blast!! I have never even been on a boat.

~NiK~ said...

Tubing is a blast!! We've been once on my father-in-law's boat...fun times!! I'm impressed that Carys likes the water so much! What lake are you visiting?

Christine said...

Oh my word ~ it looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!! I am JEALOUS!!! Carys does look like she is having a flippin' wonderful time!!!

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

I love it. Keely doesn't like the water at all unless his feet can touch the bottom. I love all the pictures but my absolute favorit is Cailyn sleeping on the boat. That pictures is the best.

Nana said...

We had a blast! BTW Skye, you missed Carys jumping off of the boat because YOUR EYES WERE CLOSED!!!

Brandy said...

That looks like so much fun! I haven't been in a tube in years.
Carys driving the boat and jumping right off. What a brave one you have!

amber said...

I absolutely love tubing! Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...