Thursday, November 29, 2007

We just can't get enough, apparently

Of the hospital, that is.

What we thought were muscle spasms due to lack of use & bring cooped up in the hospital for 9 days were actually blood clots in Chad's left lung. We went to urgent care, in hopes of avoiding the hospital, about 7pm Tuesday night. We honestly thought was having muscle spasms all week...and felt terrible when we realized how serious it was.
We were told to go directly to the we did. Chad was admitted around 4am Wednesday morning, after hanging out in the ER triage for quite some time. The CAT Scan revealed at least 3 massive clots. The severity of his pain was indicative of the clots moving into dangerous territory. We have been told that he is very lucky that he came to the ER when he did.

We were discharged today (Thursday) around 4pm. Chad is on blood thinners, and will be for about 6 months. But he is feeling so much better - the pain is virtually gone. He had been in mild to severe pain since he was discharged last week, so we are so happy that he is feeling like himself again.

Since we were in the hospital, we missed the first oncology appointment today. So, we must wait until next Friday (12/7) to be seen.

We apologize for not letting everyone know we were back at WakeMed. We are exhausted. We thought we may get some rest if we were MIA....but that didn't happen either. No one sleeps in the hospital. There's too much poking, prodding & general noise going on.
So, I must request that we have some time to recuperate. We sincerely appreciate the calls and visits, but we are just worn out. Chad hasn't had a decent night's sleep in 2.5 weeks and I'm hoping he can start to sleep soundly now that he is pain-free. I'm sure you understand, and I really do appreciate your cooperation. Give us a few days (maybe midweek next week), and I think we'll both feel like talking.


nikki said...

Thanks for the update...I hope you both can finally get some rest. Thinking of you....

Anonymous said...

Bless Your Hearts! We know all too well how hard it is getting any rest in the hospital. We are glad Chad is clot free and pain free and that you both can get some much needed rest.
hugs and kisses.....
Aunt Carmen & Uncle Robby

Carla said...

What an awesome blog. You are such an artist! Thank you for the news. You guys are such great neighbors and friends. You and Chad are in our thoughts and prayers everyday! Meet you in the circle!:)