Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You asked for them....

PICTURES! You know I feel terrible about neglecting my photog responsibilities lately. I took a brief vacation from picture-fest, but I did manage to snap a few lately that I know you'd like to see.

Also - we have some updated information. Chad had his staples removed yesterday - the incision looks wonderful. It's really healing well.
We have the first appointment this Thursday with his medical oncologist. We hope to find out a little more information then. The first treatment is scheduled for December 13, but that may change. We'll know much more after Thursday's appointment

Just a warning - I will include a picture of Chad's head, with staples, after his surgery. Personally, I don't think it looks too grotesque...but some may be bothered by it. Just be warned, in case you don't want to see it.

Here we all are, in Observation 3, the night before surgery.
Back row: Doc (my dad), Annette (my mom), Brandon (Chad's nephew), Todd (Chad's brother)
Front row: Me (!!!), Chad, Sandy (Chad's mom), Bob (Chad's dad)

The day after surgery - already feeling better!

Carys, getting her snuggle time with Daddy.
I think they were watching Sponge Bob.
Decorating Daddy's bandages....

How beautiful! Carys was so proud!!!

Here comes the staple photo.
It looks a lot larger than it actually is, due to the angle.
The staples are out now, and it really isn't that noticeable.
Chad's craniotomy incision looks so much better than I thought it would.

Okay, on to more light-hearted photos.
Carys was so proud of this sign. It was dark when we got home Wednesday night,
so I made sure we made a fuss over it Thursday.

Carys, being a stinker on Thanksgiving Day.
She didn't want her picture taken and was running from me -
but I caught a little smile anyway!

We took the girls for a walk a couple of days ago - it was so chilly!
I don't have a lot of pictures of them together, and this is the best one I have lately.
Notice the boo-boo on Cailyn's nose...Carys "helped" her on the slide & Cailyn got a scraped nose, bless her heart.

My two latest favorites


Amanda said...

Skye the picture of Crays and Chad in the bed brought tears to my eyes. You can just see the love :-) The last two pictures as well.

Ave said...

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family. So good to see you all happy and home. Lots of hugs and prayers still coming your way!


Sip said...

you saved the best for last. chad looks great. the kiddies are adorable in their winter gear and fabulous hats. oh, and he rocked the jeweled turban!!


Christine said...

Love the jewels!!! I love the last two pictures as well. And, his head does not look grotesque but I suppose for the faint at heart it might. I hope that you are able to get more answers at your appointment!! Hugs, love, prayers and pt's coming your way!!!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad to see some pictures. We are continuing to pray for you guys. I do love the last two pictures..they are precious.

Nikki said...

LOVE the pictures! The last two are just precious! The staple picture...it looks just like my dad's when he had his surgery. Chad looks great! Keep me posted!!

Anonymous said...

Chad, Skye, and family,
I have you in my prayers often and was encouraged by reading Matthew, Chapter 9 in the Bible. We trust in Christ, who is the Great Physician.

I worked with Chad for a very short while; just long enough to know that he is a kind person. His friends and collegues are banding together in prayer and support for him at this time.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you posted some pictures. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you.


emily said...

Thanks Skye for taking time to post some pictures. Even that simple task can be quite time consuming. I really enjoyed seeing them. My heart still aches for your family. But those pics show so much love, it makes things seem better somehow. Those last two pics are so precious.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how good Chad looks! The girls look so Happy to have him home. Thanks for keeping us all posted. I know you have alot on your plate right now but We do so love the pictures. More feel good vibes are on the way!!
Love you guys!
Aunt Carmen & Uncle Robby

mary said...

the last photo also made me cry also...you are so good...

Brandy said...

The jewels made me laugh and cry at the same time.
The girls are adorable in their winter gear. The last two pictures are so sweet.