Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Carys!

My Sweet Carys,
Five years ago today, I became a mother and gained a new best friend. You were tiny and perfect. And I was in awe that you were ours.

Today, you are a beautiful, sweet, intelligent little lady with the best parts of me and Daddy. You love to sing and dance, and don't really mind it when your little sister tags along. I often say that you march to the beat of some little Rastafarian drummer in your head - you're so animated, and I love that about you. You're an easy-going gal, but you definitely have your own way of doing things. We laugh at the predicaments you get yourself into and we know it's a hardy glimpse of times to come. Oh, the teenage years are going to be f.u.n.

You have one of the biggest hearts I've ever witnessed. You genuinely care about other people and are very quick to offer hugs and kisses when you think someone is sad; even people you do not know. You're always there to offer a smile, and everyone loves that about you.

You have the gift to make us laugh with your silly knock-knock jokes, pronunciations of certain words, pulling drama queen tactics, and remembering things from two years ago out of the blue.

You've been doing a lot of thinking about what you want to be and do when you grow up. You want to be a chef (and a farmer - so you'll have eggs and milk for your restaurant, you say). You've got it all figured out. And I cannot wait to see what your future really holds.
I beg you to slow down, and not grow up too fast on me - and you ask me daily when you're going to be a grown-up. Then when I tell you what being a grown-up entails, you smile and say you want to be a kid forever. That's my wish, too, you know.

This year is bittersweet. You are five. FIVE, my dear.
No longer a baby, for sure. No longer a toddler, nope. And you're almost not a preschooler, either (technically speaking, of course).
You are going to start kindergarten next fall and I won't have you all to myself most days. Thankfully, that's months away, and I am ready to share you. You are such a delightful girl, and everyone loves you. They may not enjoy the increasing decibels in which you speak, but it will grow on them. Trust me!

You make us smile and laugh every day, and we are so proud of the wonderful little lady you are becoming.

We love you Care Bear.
Happy, happy birthday sweet girl!


Nana said...

Happy Birthday, Care Bear! I love you!

Aunt Carmen said...

Happy,Happy Birthday Carys. I can't believe you are 5 already!

Carla said...

I just got around to watching the Birthday video! Wow! Carys is so beautiful. She has such a light in her eyes! You are blessed!

Bob said...


Bob said...


Rachael said...

:-) This is precious. xoxo!